Transitional Services

Transitional Services establishes effective methods that permeate all levels of affected agencies and organizations to reduce recidivism through collaborative partnership that support offender placement into evidence-based interventions and continue through offender transition (reentry) to the community. Reentry is a process of transition that should begin when the offender enters our system or at pre-sentence. Reentry provides effective opportunities for offenders to achieve positive change and to be a more pro-social contributor to society.

Goals of Reentry

  • To build individual capacity of the offender to be a productive member of his/her family and community
  • To link offenders to program services necessary for successful transition and reentry into the community
  • To increase the community and correctional capacity to address the offender’s needs and identify community resources to match assessed needs
  • To enhance public safety by reducing recidivism among the formerly incarcerated population
  • To promote public safety through collaborative state agency and community partnerships that support offender transition to the community

Transitional Services initiatives:

  • Metro Reentry Facility
  • Department of Driver Services Partnership
  • Vital Records Partnership
  • Reentry Partnership Housing Program
  • Veterans Administration
  • In-House Transitional Centers (Hall, Floyd, Coweta & Jackson counties)
  • Atlanta DOC TC/Atlanta Watershed Partnership
  • Social Security benefit application program
  • Fatherhood Program
  • Community Coalitions
  • US Attorney’s Office, Northern District – Project Safe Neighborhoods
  • State Road and Toll Authority
  • Contact:

Tom McElhenney, Director Reentry Services

Reentry Documents:

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